Why is Themes so married to the planning process? Because we know why projects fail. We keep that from happening to our clients. A specific detailed planning process is the first step of each Themes Architecture project and continues through the design phase and into the detailed specifications as well. Have all stakeholders weighed in on all of the needs and wants? Is there a key objective and how do you expect to get there? We help guide and vet this process and bring our own Themes Flighting process to assist you when your needs begin to outrun your budget.



Perfection is an oft used word but is difficult to achieve. We know that so our planning process is centered around taking your project planning to as close to perfection as you will allow. While you may make the decisions, Themes is there to keep you from falling, stay on track and drive imperfection out of the plan. 

It’s not about settling for less than your expectations but more about making certain all of the details have been thoroughly evaluated and firm decisions have been made based on your table of needs and constraints. Factors such as sustainability, energy conservation and resource management are well thought out. Materials are chosen carefully, option items listed. People flow and life safety issues are set while future maintenance costs are understood. Budgets are developed and construction timetables evaluated. Themes Planning Perfection.


“You hire Themes because we have high standards and we hold ourselves and those that work on your project, outside contractors or employees alike, to the same high standards.”

“Our designs are impacted by our planning and the input we receive. We do great designs because we are exceptional planners.”