Project Description

Planning Expands

Problem:   With public buildings, the wish list always remains strong, separating needs and wants and prioritizing the list.  There is rarely enough money and always community pressure for championing individual projects.  That may never go away but Themes has had success with their clients keeping ahead of this list.  There are life safety projects in legacy buildings and the needs of expansion to be met.  To call out any single Themes project would bely the fact this is inherent in almost all projects so this represents a compilation of a number of projects from education, government and hospitality from the Themes book of work.  Themes has a solution.

Themes Solution:  To get to the solution, Themes starts with the first step – the planning.  Engaging the stakeholders and educating them, helping them to understand the value in the Themes Flighting process that includes this pre-design input, the very detailed and budget conscious design process that enables the owner to have remaining budgeted contingency funds available as the project near completion.  On a $1 million project, this could be an additional $50,000 or more on larger projects.  

Result:   Many of our projects for public buildings are valued at over $5 million so the resulting $100,000 can be used to work some of the optional budget items.  Since Themes is known for tight design and strong construction management, our projects do invoke the options in many years, meeting stakeholder’s expectation, and getting more building or MEP for your money.  It is very common on a Themes project to have $0 change orders!