Project Description

Themes Flighting

Problem: K through 12 school district has lots of needs and wants and just received substantial multi-year funding. In a highly political community environment, separating needs and wants amidst big dollar signs was proving difficult.

Themes Solution: Sorting, planning and prioritizing the needs, grouping similar projects together to maximize project size and to control or lower costs through specialization of contractors, known as Themes Flighting. Some of the project components were life safety in nature and steady progress needed to be made to clear that backlog of important projects. Priority was important as were district optics but the district was able to see the value of Themes Flighting where the juried needs of some and the prioritized wants of others can usually be accommodated over time.

Result: Stakeholders were able to see how these projects were, in fact, progressing and moving on to the next priorities at the top of the list: their projects. Life safety projects were ranked and scheduled based on priority and funding. This highlights the planning and, in this case, multi-year planning abilities of Themes Architecture.