While the COVID pandemic has thrown a wrench in much of what we knew to be true a year ago, there are some surprising developments on the horizon in building construction and renovation. The federal government has been providing a steady stream of funding for change and renovation projects as well as the soft costs of these steps. An important aspect surrounds the life safety issues of all public buildings and how best to proceed to the next steps and move forward. For schools and government buildings, life safety takes on new meaning with the additional need for more space or redesigned space, access and control. Will you be able to maximize the use of those funds? For the hospitality channel, particularly restaurants, it is not surprising to us there are new restaurants waiting in the wings to take over for those that closed permanently. We are working in that space right now. In this channel as well, the federal government is making funds available to help revive the restaurant industry. Themes has experience in both new restaurant facilities and renovation of existing buildings to bring out the best in cuisine.