As a Chicagoland based Architecture firm, you might think we can help you build one of those 80 to 110 story prize winning structures in downtown Chicago. Sorry, that’s not our specialty. We can make a call for you though!

But in our area of specialty, we are very good – so good we keep our clients and they keep coming back.  Themes Architecture prefers to excel in our public spaces – education, government and hospitality – to get them right every time, meeting specific, well defined needs, with great design, on time and on budget.  That’s where we excel.


We take this very seriously, so much so that the very success of your project relies on the outcome of this phase of your development project. Who will use this space, for how long and how do people move to and from this space? Are there specific lighting requirements and how far is it from restrooms and food or emergency services? Long term maintenance costs? Sure, that too. We talk with school boards, community stakeholders, management and users alike to discern the best way to proceed. Get this right and the design flows from here.



What is good or even great design? Each person has a different definition but for us and our clients, it’s design that is useful, fills a specific need at a cost we can afford. This design could be for a new heating/cooling plant in one or more buildings, a new maintenance building or an addition to a school. Our designs could show up at the Grand Opening of a new restaurant or the transformation of a legacy building into vibrant repurposed space. Our clients know great design when they see it.



More than just a built shell of a building or the addition of classrooms, our work at Themes helps clients visualize the useable built space with its finishes, colors and textures. How does your mind’s eye see that new space you envision and how does that merge with the intended use of the space? Can we maintain that look? We guide and educate, inform and explore, to bring you not only form and function but the right look.



With Themes construction management, this process doesn’t just start with the first shovel in the ground but has its origins in the planning meetings through intelligent design and into the construction process. Team members with specific knowledge of the nuances of the project and a familiarity of the original design process, drive construction management oversight that results in very low rates of change orders and timely project completion. It’s nice to know you can plan for a successful outcome.